09 February 2008

Things to see in NYC

Soldiers from Attack Co.1-12 Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division
take a break from the scorching Iraqi sun during a patrol
in the Tahrir District of Baqubah in May 2007,
Photograph © Lucian Read / Atlas Press, 2007

I recently mentioned the exhibition "Arte No Es Vida" at El Museo del Barrio which is showing though June 1st. But I've just seen notices of two other shows that I'd like to see too.

Drawing for Peace, (Video still, 2006) © Aaron Hughes

The first, from which I've lifted the images above, is "Testimony to War: Art from the Battlegrounds of Iraq" at the School of Visual Arts through March 8th.

The second is William Kentridge "Seeing Double" at the Marian Goodman Gallery which unfortunately for me runs only through february 16th. Idon't plan on getting to NYC until early March. That said, Kentridge is a truly inspiring artist - go if you can.



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