22 February 2008

What Digital Technology is Good For

Five Dollars with Che © Pedro Meyer

I at first simply posted this image. I came across it while searching for something else. I do not know anything about Meyer, really. But it seems to me that the image suggests both how commerce can absorb anything no matter how seemingly oppositional and how entrepreneurs are willing to sell anything, even things that they might find anathema in political terms. This image also reminded me of the venom that has been unleashed by some and the idolatry revealed among others this past week in the wake of Castro's decision to resign as President in Cuba. Che, of course, has become an icon, his image packaged in different contexts for commercial and political purposes. Here he is with his comrade, before being killed and plastered across fashionable tee-shirts and posters in college dorm rooms.

Picture taken in the early 60s of the Cuban Revolution
leaders, Fidel Castro and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara.
Photograph: OFF/AFP/Getty Images

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