16 April 2008

Bilal Hussein Released

Maj. Gen. Douglas Stone, deputy commanding general for detainee operations, signed an order Monday for Hussein's release. ... Stone said that "we reviewed the circumstances of Hussein's detention and determined that he no longer presents an imperative threat to security. I have therefore ordered that he be released from [U.S.-led] coalition force custody." (CNN.com)
Imprisoned for two years without charge and now released because he is "no longer" deemed a security threat! What evidence has the U.S. military presented that photographer Bilal Hussein was ever a security threat - "imperative" or otherwise? None. Like the right-wing propagandists who have howled for Hussein's hide, the military is now, and have all along been, talking complete bullshit. You an read the reports from AP here and The Guardian here. Yet another travesty of justice perpetrated by the U.S. in Iraq. And I have no doubt that Michelle Malkin and the other knuckle-draggers will continue to howl.



Blogger Stan B. said...

A couple of things: First, thank god he's finally out! But how many thousands of anonymous innocents will continue to suffer without hope because of this godforsaken travesty?

Second, it never ceases to amaze and befuddle how someone of color can ally themselves with racist whites. Good luck when they turn, Michelle- what I wouldn't do to see the look on your face!

Lastly, for all those who ask how Bilal could've taken the photos in question without being complicit, let's also jail everyone in the vicinity of the WTC who photographed at the time of attack on 9/11.

And come to think of it, let's send that damn statue in NY harbor back to France where it came from!

OK, so it was more than a couple.

17 April, 2008 01:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah but is he a terrorist plotter?

Naive reliance on the judicial system is like relying on weather forecasts.

Fuck sake, stop talking nonsense at this blog.

17 April, 2008 15:53  

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