24 April 2008

Brigitte Lacombe

David Mamet ~ Photograph © Brigitte Lacombe.

I have just read this essay by and this interview with David Mamet. In the former he boldly announces that he's foresaken his childish "liberal" commitments. In the latter he admits that he is "not the guy to ask about politics." Regardless, it seems to me that his recent political apostasy is driven less by the way things are with the world than with a change in his disposition. But he is smart and funny and incredibly talented. Having said all that, what really caught my eye was this terrific portrait of Mamet by Brigitte Lacombe. It accompanies the interview. There are plenty of other wonderful portraits on Lacombe's web page. While many are of this or that celeb, there are several of political heroes like Nelson Mandela and Aung San Sui Kyi.

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Blogger Jose Guilis said...

I was shocked the other day when I watched the end credits of The Unit, the tv series, and found it was created by Mamet. It's certainly a slick production of a very sick idea, a gloryfication of a hit squad, a bunch of cold blooded killers. It's like a 50 minute commercial for Blackwater.
So I followed your link and read the full essay and was -again- shocked. I did not find it witty or clever. It's the same rigthtist absurd gibberish proferred by unarticulate reactionaries all the time: free market rocks, government sucks. The Mamet text only signals he's gone to the dark side. And his simplifications are deceiving. I would have expected a more engaging story from someone like him: Like he was, just as Saint Paul, struck down from his horse by a blinding light and saw a vision... don't know, maybe Adam Smith preaching about revelation...
I understand conservatives and frequently read them. Some are clever, even if from my point of view, very wrong. Mamet is not. he is unusually boring. And it is always difficult to understand why anybody would think that free market is such a effective mechanism: Bill Gates pointed out that 5000 times more money is invested every year researching a remedy for balldness than a cure for malaria. After all, the Soviets went from agrarian feudalism to a modern industrial society in 40 years and overcoming at the same time a civil war and a devastating WWII. The US needed 150 years to do the same. Conservative myths are easily confronted...

12 May, 2008 06:32  

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