22 April 2008

PhotoSudan Network

Photograph © PhotoSudan Network/Mohammed Nour-elDin

With support from Unesco, the first photo agency in Sudan has established an on-line presence. According to the PhotoSudan Network web page:
"This is a project for the promotion of the diversity of Sudan, and a new documentary vision of its resources through the activity of photography. PhotoSudan Network has a vision to raise the profile of Sudanese cultural diversity. The project has its focus on social issues, current affairs, customs and on tradition. PhotoSudan Network would work as a group of independant photographers who wish to share ideas and resources.

The idea was born in 2006 in Khartoum under the initiative of Mr Gadalla Gubara, Mr Ali Mohammed Osman, Mr Mohammed Noureldine, Mr Sidi Moctar, and the French project manager Mrs Frederique Cifuentes.

Each member of the group is a professional Sudanese photographer. They will develop personal as well as common projects tackling a wide range of issues. The project should promote intercultural dialogue to maintain cultural vitality within Sudan, and to reach a new audience outside Sudan. PhotoSudan Network has a vision to enable picture buyers and photographers to access one another so that Sudanese photographers can tell Africa's story on the international stage."
If you believe, as do I, that freedom of the press can help alleviate government repression and other man-made mayhem like famine and genocide this is surely a wonderful turn of events. for the same reasons, I suspect too, that it is a courageous one on the part of the individuals involved.



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