25 April 2008

Summer Reading ~ George Lewis on the AACM

I am starting to make a list of things I hope to read this summer. Among the first things I want to take a crack at will be a new book by trombonist/composer George Lewis, Professor of Music at Columbia University and long time member (since 1971) of the AACM <1> <2>. The book, A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and American Experimental Music will be released soon by the University of Chicago Press. You can find a story on Lewis and the book from the Chicago Reader here.

The AACM is a truly wondrous outfit, arguably unparalleled in the contemporary United States. It is a collective of avant-garde musicians playing "great black music", that has sustained itself over the course of several decades ~ truly a monument to cultural, artistic and organizational creativity. Among the reasons I was so excited to go off to graduate school in Chicago in the late 1970s was the prospect of hearing music by members of the association. Happily, I managed to take in quite a number of performances in the many years I lived there. I have posted on some of the AACM's guiding lights here and here.
Update ~ (11 May 08): Here are a couple of pieces from The New York Times prompted by the release of Lewis's book [1] [2].

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Blogger Arnold said...

Mr. Lewis is speaking tomorrow on his book at Columbia, but I don't know where he is speaking.

If you know more and could pass it on to me the information would be appreciated.

Thank you!

05 October, 2008 21:57  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Arnold, Sorry. I checked the CU online events calender and there is no mention of it. I would call the Music department and ask them. Good Luck. JJ

05 October, 2008 22:31  

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