22 April 2008


In The Guardian today is this report by Mark Sweeney on a new ad campaign Amnesty International is undertaking in Britain - a video that will be shown in movie houses across the country. This new campaign is the latest endeavor AI has undertaken as part of the unsubscribe-me.org initiative they launched last fall. Called "Stuff of Life" the new video allows viewers the chance to watch a man being waterboarded.

Here is an earlier installment ~ "Waiting for the Guards" ~ on what our torturers have persuaded us to refer to euphemistically as "stress positions."

These are sophisticated videos. According to Sweeney, "Stuff of Life" was conceived "by advertising agency Drugstore" and "created in conjunction with post-production company DarkFibre Films and visual effects company Prime Focus London." Thanks to these outfits for providing a more concrete view of the practices that President Bush's "Principals Group" sat around discussing in the White House "Situation Room." Bush, of course, approved those meetings and John Yoo greased the skids with his legal opinions. Convene the Tribunals.

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