11 May 2008


Bill Moyers ran a segment this week on the California Nurses Association campaign for systematic Health Care reform. At the end of last year they ran this add about Dick Cheney's habit of regularly taking advantage of fully funded government provided health care to good effect. It seems to me that the CNA is doing great work in that regard. However, it is hard to see their attacks on SEIU efforts to organize health care workers as anything other than s short-sighted effort by a craft union to protect its terrain. In the Moyers segment he calls the CNA-SEIU conflict a 'story for another time'. True enough. But it is something that he should take up. How might we envision unions working together instead of at cross-purposes? An answer to that questions would mean spending less time and money and energy on this and this.
Thanks to my friend Susan Orr for all the info on this!

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