27 May 2008


I've just discovered a new magazine dispatches founded by Simba Gill, Gary Knight and Mort Rosenblum. You can find their "mission statement" here. And you can find two essays on photography in the current issue too. The first is Tim Hetherington's Acceptance Speech at the 2008 World Press Photo Awards. Hetherington reflects astutely on the impact his prize-winning image has had on him and on others. The second is "The King is Dead! Long Live the King!" by Steve Mayes of VII Photo Agency. His premise is:
"The “crisis” in photojournalism is not an absence of newsworthy events, nor even the absence of an eager audience, it is the absence of imagination in bridging the two, and we are limited by the constant backward hankering for the way things used to be. Who is the new Robert Capa or Eugene Smith? But the question is misguided, and just as so many innovations have been misunderstood because they were defined in terms of what went before, so we are missing the opportunity to make a meaningful step forward in photojournalism because we are hanging onto the old references."
You can read the rest and see where he ends up.



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