16 May 2008

Dress Code for Conservatives

This is going to seem gratuitous. But sometimes I cannot help it. Earlier today I included in a post a link to a dyspeptic comment by Roger Kimball on the recently deceased Robert Rauschenberg. I don't know much about Kimball other than that as co-editor of The New Criterion and publisher of Encounter Books, he is a purveyor of big lots of conservative twaddle. He also makes the rounds of the echo-chamber, publishing his essays in various right-wing outlets. On the web page where his dismissal of Rauschenberg appeared, you will find the photograph at right. It immediately brought to mind the photograph of Matt Drudge, a similarly simpering right-winger, that I included in this post a while back. What is it with these guys and the dress code?



Blogger tim atherton said...

Repressed homosexuality?

It certainly seems to be very much drawn from the dress style of the English gay Upper-Class of the 30's and 40's

17 May, 2008 00:30  

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