27 May 2008


I came across a peculiar and interesting web page this morning. If is called fehe.org, the four letters before the dot being an acronym for the putative organizer of the page, one "Felicia Herrschaft." The page is irregularly bi-lingual, with some entires in German, others in English and some in both. In any case, the keepers trample back and forth across the traditional boundaries of art and social theory. Here is the "concept":
Fehe.org presents the intersection between research and contemporary art positions

Creative Processes and artistic practices, interviews with artists and researchers show, on fehe.org, how new cultural and experimental forms of expression come into being. Why does a deliberation takes a public form? However, what are the intersectional, discursive, participatory and reflexive forms of how a public space is shaped? How are new public spheres now developing in post war societies like Afghanistan and Kosovo?

You can listen to the last radioshows in the sections radioprojects, philosophy and social science and Axiom or join my log with images from Afghanistan, Kosovo, Venice, Kassel, Muenster.

Responsible for fehe.org is Felicia Herrschaft (Goethe-Uni Frankfurt /M., phd-student at the faculty of social science, IPC, FGS.) Thematic fields: Critical Theory, Biograhical Analysis, Sociology of Art

Newsletter: If you are interested in new works, podcasts or interviews, please feel free to send an email for any request: info(at)fehe.org
We'll see. But for now it seems as though the site is worth some exploration.



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