31 May 2008

First Jeff Milano-Johnson Memorial Tournament

Today was the first of what hopefully will be an annual event - a lacrosse tournament in memory of my son Jeff. For a first run, everything went extremely smoothly - 12 teams (six boys, six girls), lots of games, no rain (despite blustery winds). I can take little credit for the event which was coordinated by Jeff's mom and a number of friends including most especially Dan Troup. The tournament paid for itself and raised money for a memorial fund we've set up to honor Jeff. The fund will give scholarships, support a local athletics/academics program for disadvantaged kids from Rochester and eventually, give money to the local organ donor network and to brain research (Jeff died of a ruptured aneurysm).

I am very ambivalent about this undertaking. It really is a wonderful memorial, lots and lots of kids playing a sport Jeff loved. But I find it hard to watch the other kids playing, knowing that I'll never see Jeff out there with them. So, I smiled some and wept a bit too ~ making the day kind of like many other days since Jeff died.



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