04 May 2008

What Liberal Media?

And in The New York Times no less, you can find this report of the anti-war protests by 25,000 union dockworkers on the West Coast on May Day. (See also this story and this one at DemocracyNow!) Local government officials responded by worrying that the evening rush hour traffic might be slowed down by the protests. And, as we all know, disrupting the evening rush is unpatriotic in the extreme.

As if to make up for their report on the protests, today The Times published this series of eight short OpEd pieces on how to make good on W's "mission accomplished" claim from five years ago. The essays are written predominantly by right-wing mouthpieces - you know a former-CIA operative, a current AEI hack, a flunky of Reagan and W, another flunky for W, one self-proclaimed architect of the failed "surge" policy, a former Marine officer, and a former adviser to candidate John "100 years" McCain. To offset all the bullshit that group piles up we get one liberal professor and a retired general who has been critical of BushCo. This is a total waste of column inches.



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