17 June 2008

American Inequality and Its Rosey Future

"Look. I am a pro-growth, free-market guy.
I love the market." ~ Barack Obama

Here, from The Nation is a set of nice graphics that, once again, traces the trajectory of political-economic inequality in the U.S.; here is a set of recommendations for starting to rectify the problem.* And here, from the same source, is a revelatory report (warning?) on the sketchy crowd from whom Barack Obama is getting advice on economic policy. There is little hope that with advisers like these, an Obama administration will do much to address, let alone try to alleviate inequality. Perhaps we can just transcend this problem as we have transcended race?
* (Added a bit later) Which recommendations, my friend Susan Orr impresses upon me, do not include reforming labor law in ways that might make it vaguely plausible to organize workers in the U.S..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama has, so far, backpedaled on the economy, campaign finance reform, and FISA: anyone else starting to see a pattern here?

Don't hold your breath for alternative energy, an Iraq withdrawal, or universal health-care. This guy is a heck of a lot more calculating and mainstream than people would like to admit.

21 June, 2008 12:15  

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