15 June 2008

Another Anniversary

Today is Father's Day. I got a great email from my oldest son Douglas, promising a "sweet" present when I return to Rochester. Hearing from Doug has made my day.

Yesterday would've been my second son Jeff's 16th birthday. Here is an email, forwarded by his mom, from Frank Maehr, who coached Jeff as a kid and who now coaches his own youngest son Danny's team:

To: xxx
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2008 6:32 AM
Subject: Lax


Once again Jeff's spirit was with us on the field. Yesterday I took my 3rd and 4th grade team the the Honeyoe Falls Tournament.
We played well and made it to the finals where we were facing a team who had beaten all their opponents by 10 goals.
Before the start of the game I brought the team together and asked them if they new who Jeff was. Although these kids are only 9-10 they knew of Jeff. I told them about Jeff, his spirit and his love of the game. I said I had spoken to his mom and that you said, today, Saturday was his birthday. I told them a great present to Jeff would to win this tournament.
You should have seen their faces, "really coach"? "is today his birthday? We gotta get him this present. Then the chant started. JMJ23, JMJ23. JMJ23,. Every time we broke the huddle the same chant.
Well at the half we were down 4-3. I said Jeff we could really use you today. Well Jeff showed up and we ran them off the field in the second half. Pittsford won 10-5 thanks to Jeff.
I will get up to Jeff's grave this week or next and leave his his game ball.


I will continue to pray for you and your family.

Frank Maehr
Needles to say, this brought me to tears.
P.S.: (Added the next morning) Lest anyone think I'd forgotten my youngest son August, not so. I am in the midst of arranging his upcoming summer visit. That includes enduring lectures from his mom on various child-rearing matters - as though I've not already had several decades of experience. Unfortunately there is no irony involved; that would require a degree of self-reflection that is in terribly short supply. All that said, I cannot wait until A arrives back east.



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