25 June 2008

Finally Some Perspective on Saint Tim

Tim Russert died recently. He was a relatively young man. I know what it is like to lose a loved one unexpectedly and feel badly for Russert's family. But I frankly was stunned at the haste with which everyone from Bill Kristol leftward - and that, of course, is nearly everyone - in the media-commentary world seemed to fall over themselves to say what a terrific journalist Russert had been. (See, for instance this list.) I am sure some will think me impolitic for speaking ill of the recently dead. But Russert was an overbearing windbag. And he was, if anything, a right-winger who used his 'journalistic' position to forward his political views. These two characteristics are hard to pick out because he played in the overbearing windbag league of right wing media talkers. You know the names, no need to repeat them here. That he did not stand out in the crowd, however, does nothing to change things. Finally, there is an assessment of Russert in The Nation that offers some balance to all the fawning encomiums. You can find it here.



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