24 June 2008


This advert is terrific - even if, like me, you find the whole topic gross. By that, of course, I mean mayo is gross! After all it is merely slimy, smelly, congealed fat that you are smearing on otherwise edible food. Thankfully, just a couple hundred whiners and the advert was pulled; that way no possible viewer could be "offended." Please! For those who worry that they'd actually have to talk to their children about "deviant" relationships, this seems to me an opportunity lost. This advert raises the reality (yes, I know it is a frightening world!) of gay relationships in so non-threatening a way that the truly offensive thing is how little toleration people seem to have.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mainstream culture isn't offended by homosexuality, per say. What they're offended by is homosexuals portrayed as boring middle-class people, like them. They love the "queeny," flamboyant "fruitcake" types from The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but they'll be damned if you show them a couple of homosexual professionals having a normal family dinner, with their kids, in a suburban setting.

24 June, 2008 11:42  

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