05 June 2008

Local Event: Hot Blues for the Homeless (2)

Date: Sunday, June 8th

Where: Water Street Music Hall, 204 N. Water Street, Rochester, NY 14604
(585) 546-3887

Bands: John Mooney, Joe Beard, Steve Grills & the Roadmasters, Fred Vine, Gordon Munding & Curtis Waterman.

Guitar Workshop: 11 to 2 PM

Concert: 4 to 9 PM - The Club @ Water Street.

Information: http://sonhouse.sundayblues.org/
This is at least the second annual Hot Blues for the Homeless event. Last year I went and it was terrific. Unfortunately, I will be in England and will miss it this year. But Son House was a long time resident of Rochester and Joe Beard (who knew House personally) is simply wonderful - an extremely talented composer & musician and a very nice fellow. Hearing Joe will (on its own) make it worth going and the dough goes to a good cause too. So, here are a couple of (not at all secret) different renditions of Son House's "Death Letter". The top is Son House himself, the one on the bottom is The White Stripes.

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Blogger Jose Guilis said...

Wow, almost a classic rent party...

Great clip: nice dobro, impressive song, arresting vocals, interesting guitar technique, looks so simple!

Thanks for pointing...

07 June, 2008 10:38  

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