09 June 2008

TELOS ~ 40 Years

When I first began to read political theory as an undergraduate, the journal TELOS was perhaps the primary outlet for various dissident themes and writers. I have not read the journal much over the past decade or so, in large part because it seems to (more or less uncritically) grasp at virtually any non- or anti-individualist intellectual current that pops up. That said, TELOS remains an important independent intellectual journal. And it has survived 40 years now. That is a remarkable accomplishment and a contribution to an increasingly endangered intellectual ecology.
Update: 28 June: I just discovered this appreciation by Russell Jacoby of Paul Piccone who was the moving force behind TELOS until his death in 2004.


Blogger Navid said...

but its rightward turn is nauseating.

12 June, 2008 05:44  

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