04 August 2008

Jon Anderson

From: Memories of Underdevelopment.
Photograph © Jon Anderson

Dodging Guards at Border, From The Cañya Brava Series.
Photograph © Jon Anderson

Some time ago I wrote a post and exchanged some comments with Jon Anderson, a photographer working in the Dominican Republic. (You can find an interesting interview with him here.) The post [1] was about his blog The Spark of Accident which Jon has posted on sporadically over the past year or so. More on that below. The exchange [2] revolved around work by some of Jon's colleagues and intellectual/aesthetic co-conspirators down on the island. In any case, I thought for a while that Jon had given up the blog, but recently he has posted a long, thoughtful set of reflections on the travails of working as a photographer in the current technological and political-economic circumstances. I have to say that, although not a photographer myself, I find Jon's thoughts on how to disseminate photography, and especially his observations on the interaction of text and images, extremely congenial. I don't agree on every point. But the thrust of his remarks is surely welcome as a way to provoke further discussion and experimentation.

All of that said, I will recommend a site ~ The Domincan Batey ~ which Jon has coordinated (for want of a more appropriate term). The sight exemplifies some of the approaches that Jon discusses in the post I refer to above.



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