24 September 2008

Let's suspend the campaign . . . HA! HA!HA!

Here is the response from The Guardian campaign blogger Oliver Burkeman:
"John McCain is so maverick that he wants to suspend the election campaign and postpone Friday's debate so that he can return to Washington and help broker a deal on the bailout. According to experts, this is actually the most absurd, impetuous and nakedly disingenuous suggestion that has ever been made in the history of politics, including Ancient Greece and the rudimentary organisational systems archeologists have identified in the lives of early man. It looks like Obama will refuse to comply, and Mississippi State University (sic) says the debate is going ahead, and every single person with an internet connection thinks it's an absurd idea, raising the prospect that John McCain will be the only person to put unity and bipartisanship first, while everybody else will be united in their — no, hang on a minute, that doesn't work. Still, some swing voters may admire the move; we'll have to wait and see."
Obama has apparently declined McCain's suggestion that they postpone the scheduled debate and rush to D.C. to devote their joint, undivided attention to resolving the financial meltdown. Obama has slyly taken the air out of his opponent's sails, insisting that the debate remains crucially important and saying: "Presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time." True enough.

The real problem here - if we are meant to take McCain's ploy seriously - is that there are people whose job it is to beat the bailout legislation into shape. There are Congressional representatives and Senators who occupy relevant institutional positions in various legislative committees who are meant to be convening meetings, holding hearings, forging compromises, drafting legislation, and so forth.* You know, "how a bill becomes a law" and all that; stuff we learn in 8th grade civics class. Except maybe McCain has forgotten. Or never knew. Do you want this guy to be president? Is he going to ignore Constitutional separation of powers at any crisis, real or concocted? We've seen enough of that from BushCo. Haven't we?
* None of the committees to which McCain is assigned - Armed Services, Indian Affairs, and Commerce, Science & Transportation - have jurisdiction over the financial system.



Blogger Public Squalor said...

The old wanker is attempting to appear "presidential".

Another small test of the public's gullibility on the road to the White House.

25 September, 2008 10:26  

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