24 September 2008

PRIVATE #42 ~ Social Issues (Autumn 2008)

PHOTOGRAPHERS ~ Max Peef, The din of a man dying (DR Congo); Sohrab Hura, Land of a Thousand Struggles (India); Massimo Sciacca, Dock Sud, the inflammable city (Argentina); Gary Knight, Poverty – Polinter prison (Brazil); Dominique Vautrin, Holywood (United Kingdom); Luca Ferrari, Addiction (Wales – UK); Mike Berube, The dead can dance (Kenya); Antonin Kratochvil, Great Hope. Great Fear (Zimbabwe); John Lambrichts, Walton City, Maastricht (Netherlands); Lamberto Salvan, Fire and Ash (Kenya); Lisa Wiltse, Little Voice (Bangladesh); Marta Sarlo, O.P.G. Aversa (Italy); Bertrand Meunier, Coal in Shanxi (China); Marco Pighin, Women facing South Thai muslim insurgency (Thailand); Tobias Hitsch, Lhasa (Tibet).

WRITERS ~ Alan Corkish; Christopher North; Flavia Cosma; Gabriel Griffin; Gary Lehmann; Hans Durrer; Mana Aghaee; Margaret Saine; Sheema Kalbasi.



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