02 October 2008

Art Sinsabaugh

From Top: Midwest Landscape #60 [July-Aug, 1961/ Champaign
County -S of Champaign, Ill.]
~ Chicago Landscape #122 [7/10/64/
View of city sun setting/ Looking N.W. from Chicago/
Harbor Light
Station./ 7:45 to 9:00-6 shots/ Hazy City-Dusk/ Norwegian frieghter
pulling out Navy Pier] ~ Chicago Landscape #13, 1964
[4/12/64/ Congress & Bell/ Looking
South/ View of Misc. Housing/
10:30am]. All three photographs Art Sinsabaugh.*

In the process of doing something wholly blog unrelated at work I recently had occasion to visit the web page for Haverford College, near Philadelphia.. While there I noticed that this fall their Humanities Institute is hosting an exhibition of work by Art Sinsabaugh (1924–1983), a photographer with whom (once again!) I am unfamiliar. The exhibition, "American Horizons," has been hanging in various museums since 2004 and opens at Haverford tomorrow. The work is fascinating, apparently consisting largely of panoramic landscapes like the those I've lifted here.
* Photographs © Katherine Anne Sinsabaugh and Elisabeth Sinsabaugh de la Cova, 2004.

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Blogger Public Squalor said...

You might want to check out Rhondal McKinney's work as well. I think he studied with Sinsabaugh. His work incorporates portraiture with Midwestern landscape.

peace -

03 October, 2008 10:04  

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