10 November 2008

'Hope' & 'Change' Give Way to Creepy (3)

This post picks up on a couple of my recent and not-so-recent missives. Most obviously there is this post where I anticipated an endless series of spin-offs from the Obama poster. Here are a couple of precursors [1] [2]. Well, this slide show from The Guardian suggests just how gruesome things might become. Can we just all agree to cut it out now? Please? You can find the story that accompanies the slide show here along with another, older slide show to accompany slide show too! The latter is about how to 'brand' your candidate; I commented on it not long after it initially appeared prompted mostly by yet another image. There is a weird combination at work in the way Obama's supporters seem to view him - messianism meets consumer culture. I have commented on the perils of each in the aftermath of the election [1] [2]. Here I just want to say that the combination is very creepy.

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