08 December 2008

False Idols, Holy Rollers, and All That ... And, of Course, the Opiate of the Masses, Too.

PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE ~ S.U.V.’s sat on the altar of Greater
Temple, a Pentecostal church in Detroit, as congregants prayed
to save the
auto industry. Photograph © Fabrizio Costantini
The New York Times.

So, while workers occupied a small factory in Chicago last weekend in hopes of compelling the employer (Republic Windows and Doors) and its creditors (Bank of America) to meet their legal obligations [1] [2], the people portrayed here were praying for god to sanctify their right to build the sort of big, crappy, useless automobiles that have made a mess of the industry and the environment. I saw this photo accompanying this story in The Times yesterday and couldn't quite believe it. This strikes me as even more absurd than football players falling to their knees in the end zone after scoring a touchdown, a practice that makes me want to holler " You scored because that guy missed a tackle (or because you are bigger-stronger-faster) not because you are blessed! God does not care who wins football games! " As a good atheist, however, I restrain myself since, well ... it should be obvious. Why not occupy the auto plants or the legislative chambers or bank offices instead of the pews at church?

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Blogger Ryan Anderson said...

wow. there is no other word for this.

09 December, 2008 01:19  

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