19 December 2008

So It's Really True ~ Barack Obama Consorts With Radical Clerics?

Among the most prominent episodes in the election season just past was when Barack Obama threw Jeremiah Wright, his "friend" and long-time pastor, under the bus of right wing outrage. I thought he was wrong to do so for two reasons. First, what Wright was alleged to have done was criticize the racial history of the United States in frank ways. Perhaps you found Wright outrageous? Too bad. You might not like Wright's language, but your offense seems a slight inconvenience when placed on the scales with the history he rightly related. Second, guilt by association is an insidious and invidious symptom of paranoia in American politics. It is no more attractive now than it has been historically.

Well, according to this report The Nation, the president-elect now has invited a radical right-wing cleric to participate in his inaugural ceremonies. Let's not ask why any religious leader is involved in saying prayers at the inauguration. That would require that we ponder the little matter of separating church and state. But assuming that most of the oppressive religious majority would be shocked and offended if we only merely said "here is the new president, you can clap now!" and left out all the god-talk, why did Obama pick feel compelled to pick a homophobic, anti-abortion zealot like Rick Warren? Are bigots eligible to pronounce the invocation?



Blogger Public Squalor said...

At a base political level, I'm surprised Obama is playing to the wacked-out right wing religious set with the Warren pick. Obama could outlaw abortion and they would still hate him. Why bother trying to win them over?

Maybe the silver lining in this is that it will make clear for Obama's supporters that the man is a center-right Democrat, not the warm and fuzzy Progressive messiah they want so desperately to believe in.

- peace

BTW - just received the Avedon catalog, "Portraits of Power" - great stuff. Thanks much for the recommendation.

20 December, 2008 07:47  
Blogger pietro said...

kudos to rachel. Yet i've been of the "told-you-so" camp for some time now.

But it really is remarkable how sycophantic all these "progressive" posers at dailykos, nation, thinkprogress, MSNBC, etc. telling us how Obama should be commended for his "centrism" and "pragmatisim." We had MORE than enough evidence to know Obama was another corporate Dem who gave us "hope" but would turn the other cheek in a flash when it suited his political career EVEN BEFORE he tapped Rahm and Co.

The Dems will have nearly 60 in the Senate. They control the House overwhelmingly. Yet they continue to be "practical." The rest us...well I guess it's simply pathological.

20 December, 2008 12:22  
Blogger mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Great comments, couldn't agree more...

04 January, 2009 01:50  

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