27 December 2008

Space Without Uses

I spend a lot of time at holidays thinking about my boys, missing and wondering about them. On Christmas Eve Doug came by hugged me, laughed, ate dinner, spent the night, then headed, next morning, to spend the day at his mom's house. August is supposed to be here but is not. You can ask his mom why; but don't let her shift the responsibility. Jeffrey won't ever be coming back, but he is here all the time anyway. It has been a while since I've lifted a poem and posted it. This one seems appropriate.
Kay Ryan

Lacunae aren't
what was going to be
empty anyway.
They aren't spaces
with uses, such as margins or highway edges.
Lacunae are losses
in the middle of places -
drops where something
documented happened
but the document is
gone - pond shaped
or jagged.
From ~ Kay Ryan. 1996. Elephant Rocks. Grove Press, at page 49.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. This poem was a great find for me. My new installation piece is titled "lacuna" and I was pleased to read Kay Ryan's words on the same subject.

27 December, 2008 18:41  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Jesus Jim, that's a painful post to read, well for anyone like myself with boys.

Keeping the Circle

There is still time.
There are still forests of aspen and pine,
Mountain places where the trails peter out
And the winds begin,
Trackless tundra,
Dark-gliding swamps,
Grasslands that have never been mown.
And the earth has mysterious ways of reclaiming its own,
Sends violets to push a pavement apart
And a sliver of birdsong to pierce the heart.

01 January, 2009 10:46  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


Best for the new year! And thanks for the poem.

I didn't mean the poem to be difficult, just to capture the reality of what happens when our kids grow or when the other adults in the world cannot act like adults.

Hug your boys an extra time.

01 January, 2009 11:54  

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