20 January 2009

And Preparing to Push Obama

"And to the people who brought me to the presidency: remember that it was your power that gave me mine and that it is now your task not to surrender that power, either by believing that I will do the work of forming a more perfect union and a more just society for you, or by believing that your goal has been accomplished. I will be your president, but you must be my civil society, pushing me onward to the radical changes we need to make. Hope in me, but do not trust me; make me." ~ Rebecca Solnit
That is Rebecca Solnit's contribution to this feature in The Guardian today. I had just finished reading an Op-Ed by a crazy right-wing Canadian Lorne Gunter. I don't know anything about him other than that he was deriding Obama as an "ultraliberal." That strikes me as delusional. And then I came across this question in The Guardian: "What paragraph would you like to sneak into Obama's inauguration speech today?" It is impossible to imagine the determined centrist Obama coming close to uttering in public any of the things the contributors to this little conclave would've liked to slip into his speech today. I especially liked Solnit's paragraph because it stresses the crucial need for active democratic politics.
PS: The is a similar symposium here at openDemocracy.

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Blogger trane said...

Yes, that is one beautiful, sensible and strong paragraph.

For a second there I thought... could it be...?

21 January, 2009 02:45  

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