09 January 2009

Coming Soon: Expiration Notice

I want to call your attention to Expiration Notice a photo blog so new that it really is not yet operational. The enterprise is the brain-child of Stan Banos and Mark Page. (Regular readers here may recall Stan's quasi-regular, always welcome outbursts from comment threads.) Here, in their own words, is the mandate:
"Currently, there are several online sites, print publications and competitions that cater exclusively to young and emerging photographers- and god bless 'em! This site however, will serve as an online gallery for those who've already lived a life, continue to do so, and have the quality goods long denied the glory of the the glossy magazines or gleaming white gallery walls. We may not do much in the way of fame and fortune, but we may get you a few well deserved seconds of recognition.

If you are a serious photographer over 35 and have not got gallery representation but do have a significant body of work, get in touch! Send us 8 jpegs 800 widest side @ 72 dpi together with a short biography & statement to expirationcrew@gmail.com."
Speaking technically, in order to already have lived a life you must be over 35 years old. I myself clear that threshold with ease and (despite the best recent efforts of some people whom I'll leave unidentified, but who know who they are) still have plenty of life left in me. Unfortunately, I've not got any photography to show for my troubles. That just leaves more space for the rest of you old timers.



Blogger Benjamin said...

Stan Banos' Reciprocity Failure is the Bukowski of photo blogs, actually much better then Bukowski, he's the baby that Norman Mailer and Raymond Carver would have had if they were fucking.

10 January, 2009 16:08  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Now, that's an image I'll have to try hard to get out of my head! Nonetheless, a compliment ... in my book at least.

10 January, 2009 18:56  

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