21 January 2009

Local Event ~ Edward Burtynsky at RIT Tonight

Edward Burtynsky
The Landscape of Oil
Wednesday, 21 January 2009 ~ 8:00 p.m.
Webb Auditorium
(James E. Booth Memorial Building - 7A)

From the Press Release: "The central place that oil, including its positive and negative aspects, holds in our society is the subject of “The Landscape of Oil,” a presentation and photographic exhibition by Edward Burtynsky to be held Jan. 21 at Rochester Institute of Technology. Burtynsky has spent the last decade traveling the world to chronicle the “attraction and repulsion” of this central commodity, from drilling operations in Bakersfield, Calif., to oilfields in Azerbaijan. The talk and exhibition, sponsored by the Caroline Werner Gannett Project, are based on a book that will be released in 2009 and gallery show that is being prepared by the Corcoran Gallery of Washington. The RIT event, which will be followed by a book signing, is free and open to the public."

I've just learned about this talk thanks to my friend Evelyn Brister, a very smart philosopher who teaches over at RIT. If you've hung around here much, you my recall my various, quite ambivalent discussions of Burtynsky and his work: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]. Needless to say, the reason I've spent so much time on those posts is that Burtynsky's work is very provocative. I highly recommend the talk if you can make it.

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Blogger sconsetmonkey said...

Jim, thanks for the heads up on tonight's event. I've been traveling quite a bit and hadn't heard anything about it.

I find it quite annoying to hear the "What kind of camera do you use?" question.

Sadly, I've heard that same question posed to Salgado, Karsh, M.E. Mark, Sally Mann et al.

It's insulting and a clear indication of how much money some will waste on a "photographic" education. The art and science of gadgets.


As embarrassing now as it was when I was there in the 80's.

I think I saw you, microphone and glasses?

Upon the mass exodus of the assigned participation I missed my opportunity to say hello.

I read your blog daily, good stuff, keep it up.

21 January, 2009 22:49  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Yes, I was passing the mic on the right side of the auditorium (as you faced he stage).

I thought that question about equipment was inane - having seen, what, fifty images? Did she think he only owns and uses one camera? Burtynsky seemed to think it was odd too - especially given that his point was to use the images to get people to think about matters of substance - like the use of the sublime as a strategy, environmental degradation, and so forth.

I thought the talk was quite good. It has given me a bunch to think - and probably write - about.

22 January, 2009 11:35  

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