04 January 2009

Perspectives on Gaza (again) . . .

Gideon Levy "And There Lie the Bodies" Ha'aretz; Augustus Richard Norton and Sara Roy on the politics of it all [1] [2] [3] at From the Field; Hillel Schenker and Laila Al-Arian at The Nation; Chris Hedges "Lost in the Rubble" Truthdig; John McCarthy and Mohammed Dawwas at The Independent.

Having linked to all these, the bottom line is clear ~ Israel should withdraw its military forces from Gaza
immediately. In this editorial a few days ago, in which the paper tried mightily to lay all responsibility for the current war at the feet of the Palestinians, The New York Times began by saying "Israel must defend itself." True enough. But even if one thinks (as I do not) that the air strikes of last week fall under that description, the current invasion surely does not. And today The Times editors remain silent.

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