14 February 2009

Defend the "Democratic Right to Take a Photograph in a Public Place": Invitation to a Protest ~ London, 16 February

"Documenting political dissent in Britain is under
and just in time for the political and
industrial fall out from
the recession."
~ Marc Vallée, The Guardian

Vallée is talking about the Terrorism Act of 2008 which goes into effect on Monday and, as I noted here recently, tightly constrains the ability of photographers in Britain to take pictures in public and especially of the police. He goes on: "This is why I will be outside New Scotland Yard at 11am on Monday 16 February 2009 with hundreds of other photographers, filmmakers and the wonderful Mark Thomas to exercise my democratic right to take a photograph in a public place. Feel free to come along and join us, and remember to bring your camera." This protest is being coordinated in part by the National Union of Journalists. If I lived in London, I'd be there too.

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