15 February 2009

On Torture: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

And it is not just pinkos like me, either. According to this poll by USA Today/Gallup, nearly two thirds of Americans would like to see some form of inquiry into the "alleged" use of torture by the Bush administration. The report from USA Today is here.

The Obama mantra is that we should simply "look forward." But a pragmatist wants to learn from the past in order to avoid doing things in the future that are illegal, morally and politically reprehensible, and practically counter-productive. So, from a pragmatist perspective an inquiry is arguably necessary. (Of course, in order to asses the consequences of mounting such an inquiry one would want to account for the howls of opposition that would come from the right.)

And since the Obama crowd are oh-so concerned with bi-partisanship, they should look at these numbers and notice that many more people seem to support some sort of inquiry than, say, voted for Obama in the election.

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Blogger br said...

if the "tables were turned" i believe that some of the detentions would be considered hostage-taking and illegal torture. an inquiry is necessary for global justice issues and the "not look back" policy is wrong...or the legal cases of every mini-mart bandit or pot-dealer should fall within the same legal paradigm...."dont look back, it is too divisive to deal with'

15 February, 2009 21:22  

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