28 March 2009

Martin Parr at the Arms Bazaar

Photographer Martin Parr recently attended the International Defense Exhibition (idex) in Abu Dhabi - a major international arms bazaar - and filed this verbal report with The Guardian. Funny, no photographs.

Update: Thanks to the commenter who indicates that Parr has a set of pics from idex on his web page.

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Blogger I am Lono said...

To be fair, the offline paper had a number of shots. Parr has some on his Magnum blog - http://blog.magnumphotos.com/martin_parr.html

28 March, 2009 18:52  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Sorry to mislead, I only saw the online version which had a thumbnail in the headline, but nothing else with the story itself. And I couldn't tell whether the thumb was a Parr pic or not.

In any case, I was not meaning to be critical. I actually think photographers ought to talk more than they do! I just thought it was odd.

28 March, 2009 19:22  
Blogger I am Lono said...

Hey, no criticism implied. Either way, I sent you the wrong link - this one has all the Guardian shots.


29 March, 2009 07:19  

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