28 March 2009

Rochester in the News ~ Poverty & Schools

I have written here before on the criminally high levels of poverty that beset Rochester and other urban areas of Western, New York. There is rural poverty in the hinterlands too, but the cities are racially segregated and poor. No coincidence. No coincidence either, that the schools in the cities are under-performing and dangerous relative to their suburban counterparts. So, here is a report that has escaped our local news ghetto into the national media spotlight. It is shameful that Yolanda Hill feels the need to smuggle her kids out of the Rochester schools and into the system in the neighboring suburb of Greece. It is more shameful still for the Greece district to be spending money on detectives to monitor and disrupt this particular underground railroad.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Yolanda and her brood better give society back every bit of knowledge they learned.

29 March, 2009 11:21  

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