21 March 2009

Socialism at The Nation

A while ago I noted a running symposium called "Reimaging Socialism" that is being published at The Nation. Barbara Ehrenreich & Bill Fletcher provided the leas essay in which they endorse the socialist ideal and especially the concept of solidarity. Ehrenreich and Fletcher are followed by shorter replies from Bill McKibbon, Tariq Ali, Rebecca Solnit and Immanuel Wallerstein. Links to all these are in my earlier post. Since then a handful of new contributions have appeared:

Robert Pollin, "Be Utopian: Demand the Realistic"

John Bellamy Foster, "Economy, Ecology, Empire"

Christian Parenti, "Limits and Horizons"

Doug Henwood, "A Post-Capitalist Future is Possible"

Mike Davis, "The Necessary Eloquence of Protest"

Lisa Duggan, "Imagine Otherwise"

Vijay Prashad, "The Dragons, Their Dragoons"

There can be little doubt that capitalism - at least of the wholly unfettered sort we've endured since the 1980s - has created a mess. It is not viable. But what are the alternatives?

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