07 April 2009

Rwanda ~ 100 Days

The Eyes of Gutete Emerita © Alfredo Jaar

Rwanda, 1994 - Survivor of Hutu death camp © James Nachtwey.

Zaire, 1994. Goma, near the border of Rwanda © Gilles Peress

Anastase Ntabareshya, Remera Prison, 1998 © Robert Lyons.

"This week marks the 15th anniversary of the start of the 100 days when a million mainly Tutsi Rwandans were killed in a systematic strategy that turned neighbours into killers." That reminder from The Guardian today in this story about one survivor of that genocide. Here I've lifted some work by just a few of the photographers who have sought to convey the horrors of the crimes. They serve as witnesses, chroniclers.



Blogger Stan B. said...

Thank you, Jim. Some things are not only beyond words, they're seemingly beyond human thought...

08 April, 2009 13:58  
Blogger Maria José Vitorino said...

After having seen Sometimes in Apritl, a moovie about Rwanda 1994 tragedy, I fully agree with this post, words and images. Thanks for sharing.

16 August, 2010 04:16  

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