31 May 2009

Announcing 7.7

7.7 is a Project of the collective of photographers RUIDO Photo, and it is developed independently and voluntarily, with the goal of creating a meeting point and a debate space about the role of documentary photography.

This is a bet for the creation, use and publication of a new channel that is meant to became a reference of an independent, social, critic and committed photojournalism, proposing a photography as a tool to generate reflection and social change.

The team of 7.7 is a group of professionals that works as a collective, sharing the work and the decisions, searching for and horizontality that helps creation and debate.

I've received an email announcing the second issue of a new magazine 7.7. I've lifted their editorial statement above. Best of luck to the collective! You can find the magazine here.



Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Jim,

Thanks for promoting 7.7!

Best regards,

Sara Gustavsson
Comunication, 7.7.

02 June, 2009 09:43  

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