18 June 2009

Hey Rush Limbaugh, Meet Some of Your Bigoted Fellow Republicans!

So, Rush Limbaugh, notoriously perceptive observer of American racial relations, has pronounced that racism is largely imaginary in the U.S.; and he infers that African-Americans and Latinos have simply been misled politically. Why? Because the Democrats, after all these years, have not been able to eliminate racism. The moral of the story is that racial minorities in the U.S. really ought to support Republicans. That would solve the problem of racism (which, recall, really is all in the imagination in the first place). Get it?

Yes, I think that the African-American and Latino population in the U.S. should embrace the Republicans. They might be especially interested in chatting with South Carolina Republican Rusty DePass who recently likened a Gorilla that escaped from a zoo to Michelle Obama's ancestors. Or, maybe they could have coffee and discuss politics with Sherri Goforth (who works for Republican State Senator from Tennessee Dianne Black) who emailed this "Historical Keepsake Photo" - depicting all 44 U.S. Presidents - to a list of her fellow Republicans.

Sure, these are small-minded right-wingers acting badly. And there surely are more substantial things to worry about in politics these days than their petty bigotry. But Sherri and Rusty are probably quite close to the median Republican voter on racial matters too. The implications for Limbaugh's diagnosis are pretty clear. It hardly takes much imagination to figure that one out.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Jim. These two examples of Racism are simply appalling. More so is the culprits bare-faced refusal to apologize properly. I think they genuinely don't find their actions offensive. Which is VERY worrying if it is an indicator of wider opinion.

Tomasky did a no-nonsense summary.


"Next time Mitt Romney or other Republican leaders talk about embracing diversity, think of these incidents."

18 June, 2009 19:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, but I thought the RNC chairman is black!


18 June, 2009 21:53  

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