16 June 2009

My Whereabouts

I have been remiss about posting for the past few weeks because I've been spending time with August. His mom, her lawyer and the court connived (and that is a polite description) to insure that he does not get to spend much time with me or his brother or, say, my parents. And his mom has gone out of her way to interfere even with the limited time I am allocated by the draconian legal agreement. Instead of pondering the perverse psychological make-up that compels her to act out, I prefer to cherish the days we do actually get to spend together. We have been swimming a lot, eating hot dogs and ice cream with abandon, watching the despicable Lakers win the championship, playing with the dogs, spending time with his big brother Doug, and generally having a swell time - all that abetted by my love Susan. In any case, August will fly back across the continent with mommy dearest tomorrow. I miss him already. But I'm making plans too, for the next time we get to see one another.

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Blogger Unknown said...

I am sorry for the terrible legal situation you are in. It must be excruciatingly hard, being kept away from your child.

Take care,

17 June, 2009 15:05  
Blogger Stan B. said...

Enjoy it when and wherever you can, Jim- and nice little photo...

18 June, 2009 01:35  

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