28 July 2009

Lesson for the Democrats ~ Toss 'Bi-Partisanship' Overboard

Of the seven Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee,
only Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina voted in favor
of Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Photograph © Brendan Smialowski/
The New York Times.

I lifted this photo from The Times where it accompanied this story on the highly polarized vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee this afternoon. What the caption neglects to say is that the four really crabby looking guys sitting directly behind Graham are there to whisk him off to the right-wing nutter re-education camp ~ he will be deprogrammed in hopes of restoring his resistance to wildly liberal beliefs and judgments.

I'd say 'kidding aside,' but I am not kidding. The lesson the Democrats and especially Obama et. al. ought to take from this is that the Republicans have no plan to play nice. The Dems ought to be in every Hispanic community in the country trumpeting the fact that the Republicans didn't think Sotomayor was qualified. Actually, they should wait until the Republicans vote against her en masse on the Senate floor and then beak out the trumpets.

I have said it before and I repeat myself now, bi-partisanship is bad for democracy and it is bad politics if you want to win.

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Blogger John Lindley said...

Hell yeah! I agree, those wrinkly old blood-suckers are only interested in serving one god, and it isn't the one they talk about in public, it's their REAL god, the almighty dollar.

This is no time for kidding, hit 'em hard and be loud about it! This is a good year for us crazy people.

28 July, 2009 22:55  
Blogger Make Better Media said...

I think having a senate is also bad for democracy.

The much-heralded "Gang of Six" bipartisan dealmakers in the Senate collectively represent less than 3 percent of the population.

Why is so much power held by those who represent so few? Not very democratic.

29 July, 2009 09:33  
Blogger Unknown said...

You are right. Pointing out a clear example from my Country (Italy) the ones who played (the center left wing) the Bi-Partisanship game totally lost their identity. On a practical plane people prefers originals.

29 July, 2009 17:50  

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