13 August 2009

100 Eyes

I came across this new electronic magazine called 100 Eyes, which is edited by Andy Levin. From what I can tell they've put out five "issues" - although since nothing is dated it is difficult to tell. The images are pretty terrific throughout.



Blogger Unknown said...

Translated - "I came across this magazine at someone else's site but thought I give the impression that I found it on my own."

13 August, 2009 21:22  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


Knickers in a knot about something? Do I need to say "in the interests of full disclosure I use Google alerts to notify me when various phrases appear on the web in either news of blog format and tonight my alerts under "photography" generated a link to this magazine"?

Translated: Go whine somewhere else.

14 August, 2009 07:48  

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