20 August 2009

Best Shots (84) - Chris Levine

(111) Chris Levine ~ Lightness of Being: A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
with her eyes closed. (19 August 2009).

I have been posting this series from The Guardian for a long time. Begun by Leo Benedictus, it now seem to be run by Andrew Pulver. It is, as I've said before, a really nice series that I hope continues at the paper.

Two things, though. First, this particular entry seems very creepy to me. The Queen looks flash frozen. And second, as I noted here two days ago, The Guardian has introduced a new compensation policy for freelance photographers whom it employs. They have done so unilaterally. Unsurprisingly, the policy seems dreadfully unfair - skewed to the paper's advantage. No need to be polite. While showcasing the rich and famous on the photo world, The Guardian is seeking to exploit those less visible. Speak up.

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Blogger Mark Chilvers said...

The problem with working for the Guardian as a freelance is that if you don't sign the new contract or kick up a fuss you will probably not be rehired. This is not paranoia this is the word on the inside from the most powerful at the newspaper. I feel this is an issue for the NUJ rather than individuals who are struggling to get enough commissions in this current economic climate.

20 August, 2009 13:24  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


I am with you 100% on the retaliation potential. In my post today I linked to another from a few days back where I explicitly link to the union campaign. Power in numbers, exposure on our own. But since I myself do not risk retaliation from the folks at The Guardian I am speaking up and urging readers who are similarly not vulnerable to speak up too. Thanks for your comment. Jim

20 August, 2009 17:19  

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