26 August 2009

Enthusiasms (25) ~ Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake

This 2007 recording, by Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake is simply wonderful. Anderson & Drake were both born in Monroe, Louisiana - a quarter century apart. Both have been resident of Chicago for many years. And their contributions and collaborations are far too numerous to mention. Anderson, in particular, is now 80 and was a founding member of the AACM. He also has been a long time club owner; his current venue is the newish incarnation of the Velvet Lounge. This recording was released on Thrill Jockey Records but Anderson and Drake also have recorded multiple times for Okka Disk another mid-western label. Part of the message here is that middle America has sustained a robust infrastructure for creative music over the course of decades. The other, more obvious, part is that Anderson and Drake have a remarkable musical partnership.

So what follows is a sample from the record. The number is long, but well worth a listen. Anderson is on tenor and Drake on drums. They are joined by Harrison Bankhead on cello, guitarist Jeff Parker, and Josh Abrams bass.

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