08 August 2009

Milton Rogovin ~ "Working Class Hero" Indeed

Milton Rogovin at his home in Buffalo.
Photograph © Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times.

Late in the week The New York Times ran this profile on and this exhibition announcement for photographer Milton Rogovin who is among the treasures of Western New York. I have mentioned Rogovin in various contexts here and here and here. If you don't know his work you should seek it out. His web page is a good place to start. You might consider his remarkable photographs a gift from the House Un-American Affairs Committee. The slide show that The Times ran today to accompany the stories is entitled "Working Class Hero." No argument here.



Blogger Unknown said...

I saw some of Milton Rogovin's work for the first time this week. I really enjoyed the exhibit and now want to see more of his work.

10 March, 2010 13:19  

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