06 August 2009

"The roots of an American obsession."

I have posted on mystery writer Walter Mosley here and here before. He has an essay in the current Newsweek that takes up the American preoccupation with crime:
"Crime shows, mysteries, and films speak to the bystander in a dangerous world. These forms of entertainment corroborate our feelings of distrust and allow us to think about how we might fit into a world that wouldn't even be aware of us getting crushed under its collective weight. [. . .] We are fascinated with stories of crime, real or imagined, because we need them to cleanse the modern world from our souls."
And since this is the 'true crime' issue of the magazine, they also are carrying this little slide show - on mugshots - with commentary by Errol Morris too.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crooks of the 19th Century were well dressed.

06 August, 2009 17:28  

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