31 August 2009

The "War on Terror," Tee-Shirts & Popular Culture

Sarawak State, Malaysia: A boy hides behind his mother, holding
a pet monkey, outside Long Nen village. The Penan of Sarawak,
among the world's last nomadic hunter-gatherers, number about
16,000. Photograph © Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images.

This image appeared in The Guardian yesterday as part of this "24 Hours in Pictures" slide show. Cute kid. Cute pet monkey. And, in the background, some guy wearing a red tee shirt festooned with what to me looks like the visage of Osama Bin Laden as though he were Che Guevara. If that is right, no "war on terror," no matter how resolutely we wage it, can root out popular culture at this level.



Blogger br said...

this is a crazy and wonderful photo. can we say that "terrorism" is a slow-burning and desperate response to global markets?

01 September, 2009 13:26  

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