27 October 2009

Enthusiasms (27) - Vijay Iyer

Pianist Vijay Iyer has put out a couple of recordings in as many years that are truly terrific. The records are released on independent labels - Sunnyside and ACT. While both are very good, I especially like the new trio recording - the tunes are spacious and the interaction between the musicians embodies a real egalitarianism. This is not simply drums/bass supporting a soloist! It reminds me in some respects of the interplay between the members of Air (Henry Threadgill/Steve McCall/ Fred Hopkins) ~ and that is, to my mind, very rarefied company. Finally, what is not to like about a musician who takes inspiration for his record titles from readings of Cornel West or Antonio Gramsci? In any case, here is a sample:

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Blogger raggedrobin said...

Thanks Jim, I haven't really been keeping up with small group jazz recently, but this sounds like a good reason to revive an old enthusiasm.

Have you heard Iyer's 2003 collaboration with hip-hop poet Mike Ladd: "In What Language?" (pi site;listen online at last.fm)?

28 October, 2009 02:15  

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