25 October 2009

Shoot the Messanger: Illinois Officials Harassing Students

The Illinois State's Attorney in Cook County (Chicago), Anita Alvarez, is in the process of legally harassing students at Northwestern University who conducted class-based inquiries into allegedly wrongful convictions. You can read the story here in The New York Times. As is typically the case, government functionaries are more interested in persecuting those who call them to account than they are in getting things right. Given the regularity with which law enforcement agencies and the courts more or less willfully convict citizens of crimes they did not commit, what is wrong with some oversight?

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Blogger Unknown said...

Anita Alvarez is another in a long line of disgraceful Cook County State's attorneys, including Dick Devine and Dick Daley, who were renowned for ignoring police brutality and crimes.

Now their "diversity" successor wants to clamp down on the Innocence Project that has freed many prisoners from decades of wrongful incarceration. It's not enough they have almost total power over the justice system, grand juries and courts. It's not enough they have fought to deny DNA testing in case after case where it would resolve claims of innocence.

No, the State's Attorney wants to put a halt to independant legal clinics that brought justice to those the system denied for decades...so they can retain their absolute power.

What collosal POS's.

28 October, 2009 05:17  

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