23 October 2009

Václav Havel Interview

This is a short interview with Václav Havel from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. I guess I wonder why those media entities - largely remnants of the cold war - still exist. Two things strike me about the interview. The first is that I find it difficult to believe that many of our recent Presidents would know who historians such as Tony Judt or Timothy Garton Ash actually are let alone what they might think or have written. Second, and even more impressive, is the volume of Lou Reed: Emotion in Action (which is a collection of Reed's photographs) on Havel's bookshelf.

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Blogger chuckling said...

Lou Reed and Havel are good friends. The Velvet Underground was a big influence on Havel and his colleagues in the 60's and 70's. He and Reed began socializing in the 90's and have done a lot together since, including hanging out with Bill Clinton at the Whitehouse.

I'd say Obama could benefit with an all nighter or two with Lou and Vaclav.

28 October, 2009 08:47  

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